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Rafiki Social Vision is a tremendous platform for whoever wishes to learn the Art of helping others especially the disadvantaged members of society. This indeed is an amazing platform especially for the disadvantaged members of society. Said Juan David Bolivar Vargas, a visiting voluntary worker from Columbia.

David has spent six weeks in Uganda at the invitation of AISEC who are partnering with Rafiki Social Vision to provide a platform to international students and voluntary workers to establish, explore and carry out internship and voluntary projects within communities that are under the patronage of Rafiki Social Vision.

 David Juan And Isaac Akuguzibwe

David’s main focus was on entrepreneurship through which he was able to encounter with different individuals and groups under Rafiki Social Vision. He met beneficiaries of Rafiki Social Vision’s handcrafts project and was able to observe how they come up with different crafts. These crafts include mats, bags, sandals, ornaments, clothes, caps among others.

“I encountered different people and different crafts here in Kampala and indeed everything was amazing. “I learnt a lot although I did not learn how to make crafts” Said David Bolívar Vargas.

He added that, “The reason I chose crafts was that, they are accessible, simple and easy to market unlike other business ventures”.

Despite staying for six weeks, David discovered that there are many disadvantaged Ugandans in Kampala and that most of them lack survival skills a reason upon which he expressed his gratitude to Rafiki Social Vision’s initiative of reaching out to these people. He urged other organizations to follow the footsteps of Rafiki Social Vision and transform the lives of the disadvantaged Ugandans especially the youths through empowerment and skilling.

He also advised Rafiki Social Vision to consider optimizing the most important projects and take a step towards reaching out to potential buyers in order to create market for the products of the different entrepreneurs that are being skilled and empowered.

However, David promised to do whatever he could to find the best favorable market for the different products/crafts the young people under Rafiki Social vision’s patronage are making. He has hope that this will encourage them to persist and soon their lives will be transformed.

Rafiki social vision is still looking out for potential partners who have the ability to donate towards the enhancement of the many projects that are aimed at transforming the lives of the disadvantaged youths in Uganda.

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