Rafiki social vision is non- government organization in Uganda with a major concern to create a sustainable community free from poverty. The organization proposes to address this through promoting sustainable development in effective skilling and livelihood improvement.

The creative abilities and livelihood skills of vulnerable children and young people also remain low because of limited exposure to skills development opportunities. They also lag behind in information communication technology because less than 10% of their schools in the project catchment have skilling programs and computer laboratories for learning. The project Intends to run holiday skilling programs at several communities together with a full time program at the main site


To create a sustainable development through effective skilling and livelihood improvement


To create a sustainable community free from poverty

Organizational objectives

  • To fight vulnerability and dependency among the young people in rural communities.
  • To facilitate livelihood skills development for 10,000 young people by training them using appropriate equipment and materials by the end of 2020.
  • To advocate and mainstream vocational skills in existing community based schools.
  • To reduce the problem of unemployment among the youth by 10%.
  • To provide counseling and guidance services on psycho-social and economic issues to the youth.

Our model:

Our model embraces a holistic approach, inclusivity, employer engagement, results orientation and market orientation. The model will be implemented through:

  • Mobilization ,sensitization and leaders training
  • 3 month skilling program
  • Speak series
  • Formation of vocational clubs
  • Follow- up
  • Sustainability and Replication techniques.

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