Help with COVID-19

Rafiki Social Vision has teamed up with volunteers to ensure that local communities in Uganda have protective equipment like masks, sanitizer and soap to help stop the Corona Virus Epidemic. The slum communities are under a threat because they lack proper medical facilities and they are already vulnerable. They include orphaned children, the elderly and unemployed youths.

How can You Help?

By donating 15 USD to this cause, you would have helped to fight the spread of COVID-19 Virus in the quarantined communities. This is how your donation will be will make an impact .

Get hand sanitizers, face masks and soap to the poor who cannot afford them so that they practice good hygiene.

Send necessities like food to people in need i.e. the elderly.

Support on COVID 19 awareness in the community.

Your support will help on the already strained insufficient government medical facilities. Together we can fight Corona Virus Thank You.