Environmental destruction in Kampala and neighborhoods is happening in a sickening abandon. The effects of environmental degradation are being felt in the form of erratic rainfall patterns, persistent droughts. This has led to a decline in agricultural production

Initiatives under environment program
-Set up Disaster responsive program
-Control drainage system in major slums across major towns
-Environmentally friendly programs like tree planting

Hearts and Hands is aggressively educating and sensitizing the local community and residence on environmental conservation issues. The organization is building a network of youth and women groups that are continuously involved in tree nursery development and subsequent distribution of tree seedlings through schools, churches and households.


Kampala has one of the most notorious slum in the city, Acholi quarters mainly for the people affected by the adverse effects of war in Northern Uganda.

Located in the outskirts of Kampala, is an almost forgotten community.  The Acholi Quarters, Banda, Bwaise,Kisenyi and Katanga like many other slums in Uganda is a community of mostly single mothers and widows, who fled the lord resistance Army (Kony War) in Northern Uganda, where most of their bread-earners were abducted and inducted into the rebel army mostly during the 90’s.

The mostly uneducated, unemployed ladies found their abode in mud and wattle houses with nothing like proper sanitation, poor drainage system making them more susceptible to disease yet they lack proper health facilities within the community.

Coupled with high illiteracy rates, infant mortality rate, diseases due to poor sanitation, land evictions, poor states of play surfaces, housing, feeding & clothing,

Hearts and Hands  is in partnership with key organization and individuals is extending great support in addressing some of the challenges in these slums by introducing innovative projects that can address the problems surrounding them.


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