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Lack of Vocational training services has the devastating potential to create severe economic impacts. Young people have struggled with life and they need a hand that can support them through vocational training to equip them with constructive Knowledge and reliable Skills. The creative abilities and livelihood skills of young people also remain low because of limited exposure to skills development opportunities and Lagging behind in information communication technology.

The skills gap has led to high unemployment rates even at national level. According to the Lost Opportunity Report released in 2013 by Action Aid Uganda. Uganda National NGO Forum and Development Research Training, 62% of Uganda’s youth are unemployed. The focus has now been shifted to skills development in order to promote self-employment because is projected that Uganda will not be able to generate enough jobs for those entering the labor market ' Unless young people are supported through skills development, they stand a risk of being trapped in viscous cycles of poverty yet in Uganda, youths contribute 50% to the economy of the country.

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