Rafiki Clean water Project

Can Everyone in your Household access and Drink safe water?
-statistically 15% and 25% of  rural and urban population in Africa  access and drink safe water respectively
– According to Rafiki Social Vision safe water is the water that is free of contamination. Drinking unsafe water is the most common way people especially in Uganda get sick. The common diseases are Typhoid and Cholera
-We believes that the easiest way to prevent water borne illness is to make sure water is accessed and safe before usage.
-Rafiki works with more than 50 districts in Uganda, more than 800 volunteers, and we have constructed and rehabilitated 15 water streams.
-The construction and rehabilitation of these streams have improved the economic, Health and Education standards in our local communities.
-Therefore we advocate for clean water,clean bodies,clean homes and safe food.

Clean Water Crisis in our communities